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No one has studied the art and science of inner manifestations as thoroughly and intimately as Richard Dotts. Over the past decade, Richard has not only explored and experimented with these spiritual teachings for himself, but has also masterfully communicated them to readers from all over the world. 

Richard Dotts is the author of 40 international bestsellers on the subject of spiritual manifestations, physical demonstrations and directed energy protocols that create immediate and lasting changes in all areas of our lives. 

Richard prefers to let his written works communicate these timeless Universal truths for which he is merely a conduit. Despite the complete absence of publicity or paid marketing, these teachings have taken on a life of their own and his books are used as reference material at spiritual organizations, Unity Churches and book clubs around the world. No spiritual background or belief is needed to benefit from his teachings, and the best students are often those who start from a clean slate.

Discover the true art and science of inner spiritual manifestations

Effective manifestation is not about forcefully changing your beliefs, engaging in non-stop visualizations, meditating, or repeating your affirmations all day long. Instead, it is about your inner state and how you feel on the inside. The Universe always picks up on your innermost intentions and not what you say you feel.

When you realize that your inner state holds the keys to your outer desires and are willing to go beyond the old ways of manifesting, you free up the pathway for effective and instant manifestations. 

 Richard frequently updates his cutting-edge manifestation protocols and enjoys sharing them with his international readers. By following these manifestation protocols that completely bypass our outdated notions of the creation process, hundreds of thousands of readers around the world (even those with no spiritual background) have reversed their undesirable life circumstances and created breakthrough changes for themselves.

There is no prescribed order or sequence to read Richard’s books. Each book stands on its own and whatever book you pick up will be just right for you. Let one book lead you to another as you are inspired.


Richard Dotts

Richard Dotts is a modern-day spiritual explorer. An avid student of ancient and modern spiritual practices, Richard shares how to apply these timeless principles in our daily lives. For more than a decade, he has experimented with these techniques himself, studying why they work and separating the science from the superstition. In the process, he has created successful careers as an entrepreneur, business owner, author and teacher.

Leading a spiritual life does not mean walking away from your current life and giving up everything you have. The core of his teachings is that you can lead a spiritual and magical life starting right now, from where you are, in whatever field you are in. You can make a unique contribution to the world, because you are blessed with the abilities of a true creator. By learning how to shape the energy around you, your life can change in an instant, if you allow it to!

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I invite you to join me on this creative journey of inner manifestations. No matter what you want to create in life, let's start here and now, with what you already have.

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