Latest News from Richard Dotts

Dear Reader, 

Welcome to my new website! 

When I started sharing my discoveries about the manifestation process ten years ago, I did not expect such an enthusiastic following from readers worldwide. In fact, my first book was intended as a guide for a friend who had a budding interest in these spiritual teachings. I wrote that book as if I was speaking to that one friend. I was happy that the book achieved its intended purpose as my friend did create an amazing life. 

Who would have imagined that one book would spark a series of more than thirty books, which have collectively touched the lives of a quarter-million readers worldwide? This is a demonstration of these teachings at their finest. 

I am thankful for your part in bringing these teachings into the world. A bestselling book would not be possible without its readers. This is my way of being a part of the Universal flow and an expression of the Universal goodness in each of us. Your unique ways of expression may be different, and I hope these books will help you find your way of expressing this innate beauty. 

My main intention for this website is to keep in touch with you. Over the years, I have found it challenging to keep up with the sheer volume of emails and correspondences. I intend to be a clear conduit for this work, so engaging in marketing or publicity is something I have eschewed. Instead, I prefer to let my writing communicate the message, trusting the Universe to bring it wherever needed. I have noticed, however, that many readers bring up the same questions. I realized that I could more efficiently group and answer similar questions through upcoming articles and posts on this website. Therefore, I invite you to keep in touch with me through this website as it develops. 

Your friend in manifestations, 

Richard Dotts